2020  gave me a rare chance to start a reading journal. In the hindsight, I could do better by planning ahead and sticking to filtering rules .

  • Reading Theme: Health .
  • Narrow to fewer subjects: philosophy, psychology (neuro, personality), linguistics (writing, classics, Latin, French), UX design.
    • I’ve got carried away with new random books that weren’t in the plan.
  • Prioritize mental model books over informative or entertaining ones.
    • And I read too many fictions, too. Which weren’t bad but still not on the plan.
  • Create long-term reading lists: Great Books of the Western World  Classic Literatures  Shakespeare 
  • 2021 Reading Challenge  and Year in Books 
    • Read: 18,347 pages/58 books.
    • Average: 316 pages/book.
    • I hit my goal of 52 books on August 22nd due to lockdowns, but only read 6 more in 4 months.

I’m looking forward to 2022  for more challenge.






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