Skill Sets

Since the age of ten, I have been a passionate gamer of all genres. After graduating in Accounting from the University of Finance and Accounting, I spent two more years at FPT Aptech studying Programming. I then joined VNG, where I worked for six years as a Product Manager before taking on the role of Lead Game Designer at VNG Game Studio. As a result, I have become fluent in different “languages” of game development, including business, programming, game design, and user experience.


Co-founded my company in 2013 and released many games since then with financial success.


Always strive for personal and team excellence by kepp pushing higher standard for myself and team.


Spoke many “languages” in game development: business, marketing, programming, game design and user experience.


“Best way to learn is to teach.” is my motto in learning. And this blog is another way for me to share my knowledge and experience for aspiring game designers.

Project Management

Produced, Launched and Operated dozen of games since 2006, from PC to Web to Mobile using Scrum.

Mobile Development

Focus in mobile development and publishing since 2012 because mobile was eating the world and there is no turning back.


As market becomes more competitive, analytics may hold the key to success, as designers can benchmark and tweak games in real-time.

Programming Background

With programming background, I can communicate comfortably with developers which help to speed up progress.

Game Design »

Switched to game design since 2010 and never looked back. What I loved most is that I can apply psychological principles in game design to raise my kid.

User Experience »

It’s very easy to get lost in details and forget about your player. Always look at game design from both perspectives: game designer and player.

Marketing Strategy

From offline advertising to DoubleClick (now Google Ads), Facebook Messenger, or Search Ads, I always look for new ways to reach players and optimize costs accross channels.

Monetization »

The biggest challenge in F2P is monetization: from paid to IAP, Ads and subscription. Balancing ARPU and CPA is a must for game designers these days.

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Product Manager (2006-2013)

Operated many games in VNG: Nine Dragons, 3D MMORPG by Indy21; Hotstep, 3D dancing games by Snailgame; Zing Speed, 3D racing game by Tencent; Thuận Thiên Kiếm, 2.5D MMORPG by Game Studio South

Lead Game Designer (2010-2013)

Game Studio South, a major Studio in VNG. Responsible of training game designers in the studio. Producer and Designer: Happy Me, a Unity 3D social web game; Fish Hunt, a casual mobile game

CEO (2013-2020)

Co-founded Gemstone Studio and acted CEO. Produced and launched more than 6 social casino games, all from scratch, with some financial success. Since our team was rather small, I also acted as Game Producer and Lead Designer.

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Reading »

An avid reader of many genres, especially design, psychology, philosophy, science, fantasy/sci-fi fiction.


As a kid, I played countless games at video games kiosk after school until they ran out of games. My favorite genres are RPG, FPS, Simulation and Strategy. But I always kept an eye for good games, regardless of genres.


Unlike games and books, I watched movies rather indiscriminately, as long as they were good. But my favorite genres are scifi and documentary.

Cooking »

This is my latest hobby of necessity when my mom headed to her home town. But eventually, I found it enjoyable and delicious.

Favorite Games

My favorite genres are RPG, Puzzle, Simulation and Strategy.
But I always kept an eye for good games, regardless of genres.

Favorite Books

An avid reader of many genres, especially design, psychology, parenting, fantasy/sci-fi.