Clinton Keith has 15 years of experience in video game development, leading technology efforts on the latest platforms. Introduced the video game development industry to Scrum and agile in magazine2003, at a time when projects were exceeding 20 million dollar budgets and staff sizes of over 100 developers.

Deliver Better Games Faster, On Budget–And Make Game Development Fun Again! Game development is in crisis–facing bloated budgets, impossible schedules, unmanageable complexity, and death march overtime. It’s no wonder so many development studios are struggling to survive.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Scrum and Agile methods are already revolutionizing development outside the game industry.
You’ll learn to form successful agile teams that incorporate programmers, producers, artists, testers, and designers–and promote effective collaboration within and beyond those teams, throughout the entire process.

  • Understanding Scrum’s goals, roles, and practices in the context of game development
  • Communicating and planning your game’s vision, features, and progress
  • Using iterative techniques to put your game into a playable state every two to four weeks– even daily
  • Helping all team participants succeed in their roles Restoring stability and predictability to the development process
  • Managing ambiguous requirements in a fluid marketplace
  • Scaling Scrum to large, geographically distributed development teams
  • Getting started: overcoming inertia and integrating Scrum into your studio’s current processes

Increasingly, game developers and managers are recognizing that things can’t go on the way they have in the past. Game development organizations need a far better way to work. Agile Game Development with Scrum gives them that–and brings the profitability, creativity, and fun back to game development.

Một quyển sách cực kỳ chán, nhưng không thể thiếu được trong việc làm game.

Quy trình Scrum sẽ giúp bạn có thể phát triển game nhanh nhất mà không phải “overdesign” (thiết kế quá mức cần thiết).

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