Game Design

Game Design is the art & science of crafting elements of a game, most important of all: Goal, Rules and Challenges.


Design trends come and go, but our psyche remains the same thoroughly. Psychology gives us designers everlasting understanding of human, especially in the rapid shifting of technology in 21st century from Internet to Mobile, and AI,...

Reading Challenge

2020 is a challenging year for all of us. But it’s also a rare chance to start something I always wanted: writing a journal.

Book Summaries

Summaries of books I read, mostly non-fiction. I'll try to summarize the most important ones in every topics: learning, psychology, philosophy, design, parenting,...

About Me

Speak different “languages” of game development: business, programming, game design and user experience. An avid reader of all genres, mostly non-fiction.

About Site

This is my "external memory" where I kept a journal of my life: designing, learning, parenting and cooking.