Game Design

Game Design is the art and science of bringing together elements of art, story, mechanics and technology in a game. A game designer's job is to create Goals, Rules and Challenges that let players immerse themselves.


Design trends come and go, but our psyche remains fundamentally unchanged. Psychology provides designers with an everlasting understanding of humans, especially amidst the rapid shifts in technology in the 21st century.

Reading Challenges

Covid-19 was a challenge for all of us, but it also offered a rare chance to start something I had always been procrastinating: reading more books (one a week) and writing a journal (one a month).

Book Summaries

I made an attempt (which turned out to be unsuccessful) to summarize the most important books I encountered in various subjects I have learned, including psychology, philosophy, game design, user experience, and parenting.

About Me

Having been in the game industry since 2006, I am fluent in various 'languages' of game development, including game design, user experience, business, and programming. Additionally, I have been a passionate gamer since I was ten.

About Site

Being an avid reader, I never documented my thoughts until this blog. Organizing knowledge across subjects expanded my perspective and challenged my perceptions. This site serves as my external memory, compensating for my fallible mind.